One of my favorite websites is THE DOG FOOD ADVISOR 

There you can find almost every dog food, wet, dry and even raw, listed with a review and nutritional information. They are also rated according to the finding, and list the editors top choices with sensible explanations as to why they were chosen. The site also includes informative dog food related articles. But this is my favorite part; “recall alert notifications” which can save your dog’s life. All you have to do is go to the Dog Food Advisor website, and enter your email to receive automatic recall notifications as soon as a dog food or dog treat is recalled. The recall information is very detailed and will also explain the serious health risks associated with the recall. This information is invaluable if you feed your dog commercial brand dog food or treats.

I have made my feeling about commercial dog food pretty well known over the years. Usually it is the product content that I talk about and the misleading advertising and marketing in reference to the quality and nutritional value allowed to be sold in the USA. I do however, know that the majority of dog parents will choose to feed a commercial food over home cooking and in addition, give there dogs a variety of commercial brand treats.  So, this time I wanted to address the safety of the dog food and treats and not the nutritional value.

We all can relate to the number of recalls of pet food over the past few years. Some commercial dog food manufacturers are actually putting stricter regulations on their production and have check points in place to assure the safety of their pet foods before being shipped to stores. It’s pretty easy to find out which brands can be trusted more than others, based on these regulations. Yet, the recalls still keep popping there toxic heads up over and over, week after week, disclosing brands of dog food contaminated with Salmonella and Listeria.

Not only is the health of your pet at risk but there are health risks involved for anyone handling the food.