I’m Jenna Robbins. It’s important that you know who I am, and what makes MURPHDOG MAGAZINE different.

Being a dog lover does not qualify anyone for top-dog status. I achieved this accomplishment by having thirty years of hands-on experience working in multiple dog-related fields.

In addition to my own professional dog training business, I penned a pet advice column for a New York magazine, was asked to teach dog training at Long Island University and audited veterinary medical lectures at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine further enhancing my experience and knowledge in that field. I’m skilled in the art of dog grooming, conversant about dog nutrition, and trained my own dogs for commercial work. Volunteering at animal shelters as well as providing a nurturing, safe haven to abused and neglected dogs magnified my insight.

I have well established myself within the “canine community” promoting a lifetime of commitment, love, and teaching humans and canines to understand, communicate with, and respect each other.

My passion is to share my expertise and experience with you. My goal is to improve life for dogs and pet parents. My hope is that you share your stories, and enjoy MURPHDOG MAGAZINE.

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The family dog has now become an important member of the family. Along with this rise in status, comes: nurturing, understanding, attention, better housing, better food, and even medical benefits. We groom, dress, carry and sleep with them. We buy them beds and car seats. We hire pet sitters, walkers, and trainers for them, and we send them to camp and doggie hotels. They have their nails filed and their teeth cleaned.

We’ve come far in our quest to protect our canine family members and give them the best quality of life possible. In return, they give us a lifetime of loyalty, companionship, protection, and unconditional love without any hidden agendas.

Murphdog Magazine is your “Go-To” place for what you need to know.