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Submission Guidelines

We are grateful for and thank all those who expressed an interest in submitting articles to the Murphdog & Company website.

Our goal is to accept short, insightful, personal stories about you and your dog(s).  All material to be considered for publication must fall within the “G” family category rating, as our website is family friendly and promotes the love, understand and interaction between children and dogs. 

We cannot accept books or short stories and all submission must be unpublished, original material, not under consideration for publication on any other website or printed publication. We will also consider publishing pictures that accompany your written material. You must be the owner of the pictures you submit. Submission should not exceed four (4) to five (5) paragraphs, doubled spaced. No more than two (2) pictures should be submitted, per article, for consideration.

Murphdog & Company makes no promise to monetarily compensate anyone for a submission or publication, and to this agreement constitutes an acknowledgement by you that no promise of compensation of any kind has been made to you, whether Murphdog & Company publishes the submission or not, and further reserves the right to edit any and all written material considered for publication on its website.

Additionally, Murphdog & Company reserves all rights to oversee, vet, monitor and/or moderate all written submission and cannot return the submitted material.  Those submitting written material for the consideration of publication on the Murphdog & Company website agrees that any published material on their website becomes the property of Murphdog & Company.   If and when an article is accepted for publication on its website, such submission will be coded in word—thereby, there will be no availability to link a submitted/published, written article to any other online location.

Please remember to include your name, the name of your dog(s), choose a title for your article, the date, and your email address.  If Murphdog & Company accepts your submission for publication, we will email you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

With appreciation to our readers and contributors, we remain,

Sincerely yours,

Murphdog & Company

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We request that all correspondence now be sent directly to to avoid any future issues.

Thank you.