What is the meaning of “Dog Propensity”? Propensity is the tendency to behave in a certain way. In other words, the tendency to do the thing we do. “Dangerous Propensity” is the tendency of a dog to bite without provocation. Furthermore, I believe that the “intention” of the dog is immaterial. The intention of the dog means to guide, herd or even fight other dogs. What matters is that the dog bit, growled, snapped or lunged at a person knocking them down. Barking is a “dog propensity” not a “dangerous propensity”.

The question I present to you is “has your dog shown a Dangerous Propensity”? Do you have children in your house? Do you have other animals: dogs, cats in your house? Do you have an elderly or disabled person in your house?

Is the great predictor of the future, the past? Will a dog that has bitten, bite again?  Like all situations that occur out of the blue, with no warning, with no provocation, with no sign of possibly ever happening, a dog that has never bitten, will not bite until the moment he does!!!   What does that mean?  Here’s an example: I’m called to a home for training and witness an extra-large (over 70lbs) adult dog in a crate, posturing or growling lowly, almost under its breath, or two dogs in a crate or side by side crates, “going at it” with each other.  When I confront the pet parent about the fact that the dogs appear to have a propensity to be dangerous, many respond with the following statement. “My dog would never hurt my children”. My answer is “NOT UNTIL THE MOMENT HE DOES”.

Dogs are not kids in furry suits.

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