LEASH    The leash I use for training as well as walking with my own dogs is a 6ft cotton web lead. It’s easy on the hand yet allows for better control as it won’t slide through your hand the way a nylon leash would. I also use a 15ft lead for other training exercises.  ATT: TRAINING CLIENTS – Make sure to get a 6ft and a 15ft leash/lead.


A thin 6ft nylon leash is great for young pups and very small breed dogs.

COLLAR   I use Martingale collars for most dogs I train.

I recommended Max & Neo material and chain collar because they are proportionately correct and available in sizes fitting extra small to large breed dogs.

I also highly recommend the Triple Chain Martingale because it is more effective due to the weight and noise but these collars like all the collars I recommend, are never used to punish or hurt the dog in any way.


I recommend this prong collar to training clients that tend to overcorrect their dogs.  It is a better choice when used properly. The collar should never be fit to be smaller than the dog’s neck when in the closed position. ATT: TRAINING CLIENTS – Make sure to order size 25in (63cm) x 4mm   Without the quick-release clipREMOTE COLLAR   I NEVER use static shock to train a dog. However, the vibration works well to reinforce a specific element of the training that has already been learned.

BITTER APPLE   All puppies chew and nip. Bitter Apple is a great deterrent if your puppy is chewing furniture, socks, shoes, or leash. Try a little bit on your hand to prevent nipping.

PLAYARD   I always highly recommend this playard. It provides safety and comfort for your puppy and is an alternative or preferably an addition to a crate. This playard is vertical only so that your puppy cannot easily climb out. It will help with housetraining as well as keeping your pup away from furniture and walls.

TRAVEL HARNESS It is not safe for your dog or for you and other passengers if you don’t secure your dog in a travel harness. Used in conjunction with the seat belt, any hard stop or impact will cause the seat belt to lock, and your dog will be kept in his place.