ONLINE TRAINER subscription-INCLUDES: information, downloads and puppy rearing information, PLUS  2 WEEKS of PRIVATE one-on-one HOUSE-TRAINING instructions.

Downloadable forms and instructions are included.

ONLINE TRAINER subscription is your personal and private online professional training help via email

Most puppy training topics take a back seat to house training due to the high anxiety and frustration levels caused by ineffective methods, inconsistency, miscommunications, conflicting schedules, time restraints and just plain feeling overwhelmed

ONLINE TRAINER  subscription gives you two weeks of personal, individual, and private online professional training instruction for house training and puppy rearing.

What is Online Trainer Access all about?

Dear Future “Online Trainer” Clients,

Thank you for inviting me to share one of the most heart-warming and life-enhancing experiences any family can have. It’s always a pleasure to see the enthusiasm, genuine concern, and love exuded by people who bring a new puppy into their home. My intention is to help make this special occasion easy, rewarding, educational, and as much fun as possible for everyone– including the puppy.

The first important decision you need to make is to go with house training, which teaches your puppy to have control or to “hold it in,” verses teaching him/her to “go on paper” any time he/she wants. Keep in mind that paper training is not as simple as putting the pee pads on the floor! It is not instinctual for the puppy to seek out the pee pad. The translation of that strategy is: if there’s no paper, the puppy will “go” anyway, anywhere!  However, it is possible to train your puppy to actually do both paper and house training, and it’s true that paper training does have some conveniences and benefits especially if you have a tiny breed dog.

House training due can be frustrating to say the least, because of ineffective methods, inconsistency,  conflicting schedules, time restraints and just plain feeling overwhelmed. It’s always refreshing to see how enthusiastic pet parents are when preparing for their puppy’s arrival. I appreciate all the well thought out questions you may ask and will gladly help you with a plan of action that includes room for flexibility.

The information, in puppy-training books, is usually restricted to specific methods – -whether they work or not. What if they don’t work and your puppy is just not “getting it?” Who do you turn to when you follow the book’s instructions and Rocky or Lola decides to pee on the kitchen floor when you run to answer the phone? What will you do when you’ve walked Bailey for half an hour, bring her in the house and she poops under the table when you’re not looking?

All I need is for you to think about and answer some preliminary questions and let me put you on a schedule that fits into your lifestyle and daily routine. In addition, I will instruct you on following some “do’s” and “don’ts” that help the house training to go quicker and easier.

Even though it’s not possible for me to be there in person, we can easily take advantage of the wonderful world of “online training” via the Internet and I can help you anytime you need to make a change in the schedule I design for you or if you have questions or concerns.

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