Where the Murphdogs eat!

The Murphdogs are real live dogs, they are my family, and I have always cooked for them. Pet parents are always curious to know why I cook for them and when and why I started doing so. Here’s my reply: When I was growing up, my parents always cooked for our family dogs. They were not fed scraps or left-overs as one might tend to think; even though there were multiple brands of dog food available though not a fraction of what is marketed now. It seemed as natural to my parents to cook for our canine family as cooking for the rest our family. The dogs obviously loved it and remained healthy and enjoyed longevity.

Bringing it up-to-date, the variety of food I prepare for the Murphdogs is vastly different than the ingredients my parents used. The truth is, the food my canine family eats is quite similar to the basic diet that I live on. Of course, there are exceptions in both directions, but I will tell you what those are as I continue to disclose our daily delights.

Let’s start with the major protein source. Like the Murphdogs, I do not eat red meat or pork. The Murphdogs eat chicken, sometimes turkey, sometimes fish. They don’t particularly like turkey, however they do like fish but I only purchase wild caught fish and serve it occasionally.

I routinely cook skinless, boneless chicken thighs. Why? It’s generally more flavorful with more moisture. Also, it cooks quickly via boiling, pan grilling or baking, and the bonus is that chicken thighs are less expensive than chicken breasts. I especially like the fact that the percentage of protein in thighs, or dark meat, is less than that in chicken breasts or white meat. Vegetables and other ingredients add to the protein count. Chicken thighs are NOT injected with solutions to maintain moisture.

Chicken breasts that are less palatable to the Murphdogs, (they will pick at it and then leave some on their plates), are generally dry, thicker, need more cooking preparation, and are also more expensive than thighs. Here’s something else to think about: Chicken breasts are injected with a solution, (printed right on the package), to maintain moisture. I’m not happy about that.

to be continued…