I will always yield to the veterinarian of choice, but pet parents often ask me questions about feeding their puppy. Every veterinarian I have ever come to know or read about, or watched videos about, have stated that nutrition is not a subject taught in any school of veterinary medicine.

That being said I want to bring up only one part of puppy feeding that seems to beg the question “How many times a day should I feed my puppy?”

Here is a list of observations I have made note of, and why I am convinced that feeding puppies twice a day is not the way to go.

  1. Tiny breed puppies must eat. They are prone to juvenile hypoglycemia which is a sudden drop in blood sugar. Lethargy, shaking, fainting, and confusion are only some of the symptoms. However, it is serious and should be addressed immediately.
  2. Large breed pups grow quickly or have “growth spurts” and need the nutrition of three meals.
  3. Hungry pups will drink more to satisfy their hunger. This in turn will of course lead to more urination. Thinking that fewer meals help housetraining, just went out the window!
  4. Hungry puppies are cranky and unfocused.
  5. All puppies sleep better when they are not hungry.
  6. Puppies tend to eat things on the ground but a hungry puppy will seek out anything they can swallow.
  7. Puppies that eat three times a day instead of two are more content with chew toys and alone time.
  8. Pet parents that feed their puppy twice a day, follow a schedule of somewhere between 5:00 and 7:00 m. and between 5:00  and 7:00  p.m. leaving a gap of almost 12 hours. How is it possible for a puppy to not be hungry?
  9. Twice a day feeding may be recommended by a breeder or seller, which leads me to believe that twice a day feeding is easier for the breeder or seller and not better for the puppy.
  10. Puppies offered food twice a day will devour the evening meal too quickly causing health and behavioral issues.
  11. I’ve never heard a sensible, logical, or medically sound explanation for feeding a puppy only twice a day.