ELECTRONIC< ULTRASONIC, DON’T BE SO QUICK ON THE DRAWIt’s human nature to take the path of least resistance. Training a dog takes time, patience, understanding, love, affection, leadership, respect, knowledge, method, and devotion. This is not the description of taking the course of action that is easiest to do; that which avoids confrontation, difficulty, awkwardness, or tension; one definition of taking the path of least resistance.

Electronic devices, including Ultrasonic hand help devices as well as collars, allegedly provide a quick and easy solution to training your dog and eliminating unwanted behaviors. But do you know all the facts?

Often, I’m asked to offer my opinion about these “quick fixes” so this is what I know, what I’m not sure of, and what I think, in that order.


Shock is punishment. Ultrasonic sound is punishment. The higher the frequency the more harm. The longer you hold your finger on the control button, the more harm you inflict on your dog.

These devices should be used in conjunction with appropriate simultaneous training. Electric shock will most likely be effective but it’s through pain and fear.

The photo on the left is a warning on an Ultrasonic hand-held device.  Ultrasonic devices may work for a short time and then be ignored once the dog adjusts to the discomfort or distraction of the sound.

Underground fencing has been used for decades with great success. It’s a good alternative to having a dog roam and face being lost, injured, stolen, or killed. A reliable professional company is better than installing these fences yourself. They have the ability to properly regulate and control the installation, usage, layout, and training.

Ultrasonic devices are not regulated properly. You don’t know if the sound is being emitted or not because you can’t hear it. You don’t know if your dog is responding because it’s hurting his ears or damaging his hearing. There are too many unknowns with these products. Ultrasonic devices also require appropriate training simultaneously to be effective. Ultrasonic devices usually become ineffective after a few days. You will most likely not be aware of the charge running low.

Incorrect use or overuse of shock collars can ultimately create what is called a “porch dog” which is a dog that now hides on or under a porch or deck attached to the hidden fence property.


What physical and emotional damage is being done to your dog? What frequency of these devices is unsafe? Are pet parents overusing these devices? Do pet parents have a false sense of security by relying on electronics to keep their pets safe? How often do these products cause further behavioral issues? Are there any regulations controlling the manufacturing and marketing of e-items?


Fencing…I always prefer a good old-fashioned physical fence to an electric one. Your dog doesn’t need acres of property to get exercise and have fun. Your dog is fine with the back and sides of your home and doesn’t need to be on the driveway or near the road. Additionally, it’s easier to take your dog for a walk if you don’t have to deal with crossing the electric fence in front of your house. Your dog may not be able to get out but anything and anyone can come in. If your dog takes the shock going out of the fenced area he will be shocked coming back in. If you cannot have a physical fence, it’s a good alternative to having a dog roam and face being lost, injured, stolen, or killed.

Remote E-collars…I don’t use them, I don’t approve of them, and I won’t help a pet parent who insists on using them. They are mishandled, overused, used incorrectly, and used instead of proper training. Dogs are highly intelligent and can be trained without shocking them.

Ultrasonic handheld devices and collars. Too much is unknown about them. They cause great discomfort and possible damage to your dog’s ears. They are used incorrectly in most cases. They become useless in a considerably short amount of time. Using something you and your dog can hear, or a distraction like a squeaker will most likely do the job better. Your voice is ALWAYS best and you always have it with you.

Speaking of squeakers, here’s a conundrum for you. NOW AVAILABLE…ta da… SILENT SQUEAKER DOG TOYS. These are toys for dogs that have an ultrasonic squeaker that is out of human hearing range.

Wow. First, we use ultrasonic sounds to punish, train, and stop our dog’s unwanted behavior Then we give them toys with the same sound!!!

What do you think?

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