Would you ask your ophthalmologist a question about your toothache?

Every canine-related field has an educated, experienced, and trained person that works specifically in that field.

Breeders may be top in their field but they generally have little experience in training. Seeking the advice of a breeder concerning training your dog, feeding your dog, or medical advice about your dog is generally directed in the wrong direction. Even puppies that have allegedly been paper trained by the breeder will not be successfully paper trained or wee-wee pad trained in your home if you believe that the puppy will find the paper or pad in the kitchen when he is playing in the living room. Additionally, vaccines and any other pharmaceuticals like dewormers that are given by a breeder should be documented and discussed with your veterinarian. Also, keep in mind that the food or feeding method given to puppies by a breeder may not be the most nutritional or commendable. This is also a topic that should be discussed with your veterinarian.

Groomers, dog-walkers, pet sitters, and pet food chain store personnel, for the most part, are not founts of information regarding training, nutrition, or medical advice. Friends, relatives, neighbors, and people you meet on the street walking their own dog, all mean well and are enthusiastic about sharing their experience and information. Please talk to a professional about your dog.

Veterinarians are highly educated and highly respected for their education, experience, contribution, and dedication to the medical field of animal care and well-being. They are of course an excellent source of information and it’s always advisable to consult with a veterinarian if you have any concerns other than medical. However, For all additional help and advice about other dog-related fields like training and grooming, for example, should be directed toward experts in those fields.

To take this one step further, there are veterinary specialists in every field of medicine in the same manner as there are specialists in human medicine. If your dog is experiencing problems with his eyes, ask your veterinarian to recommend a veterinary ophthalmologist. Any medical problem your dog may experience will have a veterinarian trained in that specialized field.


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