As humans, we think of children in terms of a baby, toddler, and teenager/adolescent. Canines also have stages of growth and maturity recognized in terms that are identifiable by physical changes and behavioral changes. NEONATAL STAGE The Neonatal stage is the first stage when the puppy is born until two (0-2)weeks old. Only the sense of taste and touch has developed and the puppy is completely reliant upon his mother.       TRANSITIONAL STAGE Between two (2) weeks and four (4) weeks of age, the puppy is in the Transitional stage. The majority of pet parents will never see their soon-to-be new puppy in this early stage, but this is when the puppy can stand, walk a bit, wag their tail, and bark. At this stage, the puppy’s senses are fully developed and he has learned to play with his littermates as well as being corrected and given positive reinforcement by his canine mom. SOCIALIZATION STAGE The most vital stage of a puppy’s development is the Socialization stage and this is when most humans become pet parents. The Socialization stage occurs at around three (3) weeks old until the puppy is approximately twelve to sixteen (12-16) weeks old. Breed, size, breeder environment, and other factors play a part. Puppies commonly go to their new home at age seven to twelve (7-12) weeks old. Puppies that are raised in-home by a reputable, experienced and knowledgeable breeder, will have the benefit of Want to read more?

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