Housebreaking, which is now called housetraining or potty training, is more complex than just teaching your puppy to go to the “bathroom” outside. The part of this process that I want to bring your attention to is all the ancillary benefits you may derive from taking the following steps.

The benefits derived will not only train your puppy on a superior level compared to other housetraining methods, but it will also benefit you personally as well as your home and property. Keeping dog waste in a contained area will be more sanitary than allowing your puppy to use the random “spot” of his choice.

WHAT- Your puppy should be taken out on a leash to a designated area on your property. If you are an apartment dweller, choose a specific area that you can return to for every “bathroom” event.  Walk back and forth for approximately ten to fifteen (10-15) minutes within an area of about six (6) feet by six (6) feet.

Once your puppy urinates and/or defecates as expected, meaning your dog should not defecate every time he urinates, he should be rewarded but not with a food treat!! Playball or throw a frisbee. It will yield better results and you will enjoy playing with your puppy.

Take your puppy to the same area every time. Consider that area where you want him to pee or poo, to be the designated bathroom. For the first few days, leave a little sample of his deposit where it landed so that he will be drawn back to that spot. Then, of course, clean each time the puppy does his thing.

Railroad ties make a good boundary for the puppy’s new bathroom area. Even small garden fencing can be used as a partial enclosure for your designated area.

WHY on a leash?  Your puppy most definitely has to go to the “bathroom” first thing in the morning, so that’s an excellent time to start with a little leash training. It will also connect the dots between the leash and going to the bathroom!

If you are on your property, let’s say a fenced-in backyard, you can unclip the leash as soon as your puppy urinates and or defecates. Freedom to run around off-leash will become the reward for “going to the bathroom” as soon as he’s outside. Think of it as Business First

Even if you bring your puppy inside after going to the bathroom outside and remove his leash giving him the freedom to run around in your home, it will still be perceived as a reward.

WHY not a food treat?  If your puppy urinates or defecates when expected, follow up with playtime. Playtime is always the best kind of treat. Your puppy will be more enthusiastic about going to the bathroom when it’s followed by playing ball.

Why else?  Conditioning your puppy to urinate or defecate within ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes after going outside on a leash, will make those rainy, I’m late for work, I don’t feel well, and I have to take the kids to school days a lot easier.

Why use a designated area?  Your puppy will become familiar with and comfortable going to the same, personally scented area and will learn to go there even when he’s not on a leash.

Why not?  Making clean up easier and not worrying about having dog feces all over the back yard, has got to be a benefit especially if you have kids playing out there.

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