In my mind, the ONLY FRESH FOOD is the food I shop for in the supermarket and cook at home. That is the only food I feed my canine family. It’s the only food I trust to be as safe as possible because someone, somewhere is taking steps to assure that safety as much as humanly possible. Dog food safety?? I don’t think anyone really cares that much. There are so many recalls, it’s hard to keep track.

So, the latest recall is FRESHPET. It’s supposed to be FRESH FROM THE FRIDGE! That’s what it says on the bag. My question is, where was it, and what was done to it, before it got to your fridge?

The FDA, Freshpet Inc. recently initiated a voluntary recall for a product called “Select Small Dog Bite-Size Beef & Egg Recipe Dog Food.” available in 1 pound bags and has a sell-by date of 10/30/2021.

The product is being recalled due to a potential fear of Salmonella contamination. Workers at PETFRESH discovered the contaminated food, but it was accidentally shipped to Publix in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, and to Target in Arizona and Southern California.


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