Cooking for your dog is the one and only way to ensure that your dog is getting freshly cooked food. Here is the perfect example… FRESHPET SELECT DOG FOOD is RECALLED for SALMONELLA CONTAMINATION according to the FDA.

Freshpet is recalling one lot of Freshpet Select Fresh from the Kitchen Home-cooked Chicken...

How FRESH could it be if it has an expiration date way into the future and has no preservatives? I really don’t know how that works but I would like an answer to that.  If anyone reading this could explain further, please leave a comment.

Anyway, I just went to the FRESHPET website and there is NOTHING in reference to the recall. After several attempts and listening to a recorded message that the call volume is very high, I was able to get through to a representative at FRESHPET, phone number 1-866-789-3737. The representative claims that the recall was voluntary. They continued on to say that the amount of product recalled was small and no ANIMALS were sickened by it. Additionally, when I asked why they neglected to mention it on their website, I was told that the FRESHPET website will be updated!

Everyone that knows me, knows that I always cook fresh food for my canine family. It’s right here on my website, Murphdog Magazine, under the menu tab HAPPY DOG DINER.

If you cook for your canine family, please let me know. I would love to here from you.



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