“Couldn’t be fresher if you cooked it yourself.”  Ever hear that phrase used to describe what you feed your dog?  Well, I DO cook it myself and IT IS DEFINITELY FRESHER!   And it looks like food and not hard, dry, brown, bite-size crusty, pieces.

A lot of people have a lot of questions. The most frequently asked questions are:

1. What do you cook?

2. How do you cook it?

3. Will the dogs eat until they are sick?

4. Do they have diarrhea from it?

5. Do they fight over it?

6. Does it make them beg at the table?

7. Isn’t it expensive?

8. Can dogs really eat that?

PLEASE BE AWARE  that there are foods, like raisins, grapes, onions, for example,  that can and will make your dog ill.  Particular foods are toxic to dogs and should never be fed to them. As with any food or dog food, a change of diet takes time to adjust to and should be done slowly. I will follow up with a list of foods that are harmful.

So, just to give you a brief look without getting too specific;

1. WHAT:  chicken, fish, vegetables, fruit, cheese, eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, quinoa, chickpeas. I don’t eat beef and neither do my dogs. Just a personal choice.

2. HOW: boiled, oven-roasted/baked, steamed, pan-seared (non-stick pan)

3. No, the dogs do not eat until they are sick. They are given a measured portion and they eat it slowly and enjoy it. Human food is measured by weight, unlike dog food which is measured by volume.

4. Any change in their diet must be done gradually to avoid causing diarrhea. My dogs, who have only been on REAL food, go to the “bathroom” less often than the average dog on dog food.  As well, water consumption is much less than that of dogs eating dry food.

5. They do not fight over the food. They each have their own separate dish with the same food in it. Sometimes they move around and switch places and dishes. Sometimes two dogs will eat from the same dish and then finish the second dish together.

6. The dogs never beg at the table. They are not fed from the table to start with because that would be encouraging, validating, and condoning negative behavior. In addition, they are very satisfied after they have their own meal.  My dogs savor their food, they don’t wolf it down.

7. I have weighed, measured, and calculated all the prepared food for my canine family for a long time. It amounts to slightly less than a high priced dog food that I would choose if  I was going to buy one.

Consider their health and it’s a bargain as far as I’m concerned.

By the way, I can and do eat the same food that I feed to my canine family.

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